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Year 1

Year 1 Set Topics Badge Resource Link
Australian Animals 01 Australian Animals 01  
Australian Animals 02 Australian Animals 02  
Australian Birds 01 Australian Birds 01  
Australian Birds 02 Australian Birds 02  
Emus Emus  
Families - Italy - Rural FamiliesItalyRural  
Families - Italy Urban FamiliesItalyUrban  
Kangaroos Kangaroos  
Koalas Koalas  
MS Paint 01: Brushes #1 MSPaint01Brushes01  
MS Paint 01: Brushes #2 MSPaint01Brushes02  
MS Paint 01: Tools MSPaint01Tools  
MS Paint 02: Shapes MSPaint02Shapes  
People Who Help Us PeopleWhoHelpUs  
Safety on the Internet SafetyontheInternet  
Shapes 2D Shapes2D  
Shapes 3D Shapes3D  
Special Days 01 SpecialDays01  
Time Time  
Time - O'Clock TimeOClock  
Wombats Wombat  

Year 2

Year 2 Set Topics Badge Resource Link
Advance Australia Fair Verse 1 Advance Australia Fair 01  
Advance Australia Fair Verse 2 Advance Australia Fair 02  
ANZAC Day Anzac Day  
Arctic Vs. Antarctic Arctic vs. Antarctic http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-arctic-vs-the-antarctic-camille-seaman
Australian Frogs Australian Frogs  
Bilby Bilby  
Christmas Christmas  
Coral Coral  
Crabs Crabs  
Elephants Elephants  
Eyes Eyes  
Giraffes Giraffes  
Insects Insects  
Resilient Kids ResilientKids  
Seals Seals  
Seasons Seasons  
Shapes Plus ShapesPlus  
Spiders Spiders  
Starfish Starfish  
Tasmanian Devil TasmanianDevil  
Water Cycle  

Year 3

Year 3 Set Topics Badge Resource Link
Australian Capital Cities AustralianCapitalCities  
Australian Currency AustralianCurrency  
Australian Flags AustFlags  
Australian Floral Emblems AustFloralEmblems  
Chess Chess  
Deserts Deserts  
Encarta Australia EncartaAust  
Icebergs Icebergs http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-s-below-the-tip-of-the-iceberg-camille-seaman
Moreland City Council MorelandCityCouncil  
MS Word: Font Group MSWordFontGroup  
MS Word: Paragraph Group MSWordParagraphGroup  
Odds 301 Odds301  
Odds 302 Odds302  
Penguins: Adele PenguinsAdele  
Safer Internet Day SaferInternetDay  
Sochi Winter Olympics 01 SochiWinterOlympics01  
Sochi Winter Olympics 02 SochiWinterOlympics02  
Solids Liquids Gases SolidsLiquidsGases  
Worms Worms  

Year 4

Year 4 Set Topics Badge Resource Link
Aborigines Aborigines  
Africa Africa  
Astronomers Astronomers  
Australia 01 Australia01  
Australian Rivers AustRivers  
Clocks & Watches 01 Clocks01  
Clocks & Watches 02 Clocks02  
Continents Continents  
Glaciers Glaciers  
Heart Heart  
Sharks Sharks  
Solar System SolarSystem  
Tyrannosaurus Rex TyrannosaurusRex  

Year 5

Year 5 Set Topics Badge Resource Link
Australian Coastal Places AustCoastalPlaces  
Australian Landmarks AustLandmarks  
Australian River Systems AustRiverSystems  
Australian Wetland Plants AustWetlandPlants  
Australian Wetlands 01 AustWetlands01  
Australian Wetlands 02 AustWetlands02  
Federal Government FederalParliment  
Flags of the World 01 FlagsofWorld01  
Flags of the World 02 FlagsofWorld02  
How do we Smell? HowdoweSmell http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-do-we-smell-rose-eveleth
How Sugar affects the Brain HowSugarAffectstheBrain http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-sugar-affects-the-brain-nicole-avena
Melbourne Buildings MelbourneBuildings  
Poison vs. Venom PoisonVsVenom http://ed.ted.com/lessons/venom-vs-poison-what-s-the-difference-rose-eveleth
Volcanoes Volcanoes  

Year 6

Year 6 Set Topics Badge Resource Link
African Capital Cities AfricanCapitalCities  
Alexander the Great AlexandertheGreat  
Ancient Egypt AncientEgypt  
Astronauts Astronauts  
Australian Federation AustFederation  
Australian Prime Ministers AustPrimeMinisters  
Banjo Paterson BanjoPaterson  
Captain James Cook CaptainJamesCook  
Convicts 01 Convicts01  
Earthquakes Earthquakes  
European Capital Cities EuropeanCapitalCities  
First Fleet FirstFleet  
Gallipoli Gallipoli  
Timelines: World History in Milleniums 01 TimelinesWorldMilleniums01  
Timelines: World History in Milleniums 02 TimelinesWorldMilleniums02