Search Engines for Kids and Adults  

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Grade 1

Connect Early Childhood    

Connect Early Childhood
Discovery Kids: Explore Discovery Kids Explore
DK Find Out! DK Find Out
Kiddle Kiddle
Little Explorers: Picture Dictionary Little explorers Picture Dictionary
Start Squad      Start Squad
Visuals Unlimited VisualsUnlimited

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Cute Overload          Cute Overload
KidPort                  KidPort 
Kid Zui KidZui


Kids Click

Kids Online             AoL Kids 
MIKIDS               Mikids
Quintura for Kids  Quintura kids
What a Blast!       What a Blast 

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Ask for Kids        Ask Kida

Fact Monster 

Fact Monster

FAQ Kids         FAQ Kids
Flikr Explore
Recommended App
For Kids         For Kids 

Kids Know It     

Kids Know It

Kids Net         Kids Net 
Safe Search Safe Search
Sweet Search Sweet Swarch

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All Safe Sites  All Safe Sites 

Awesome Library

Awesome Library

Connect Primary Students
Connect primary
Finding Dulcinea FindingDulcinea
Good Sites for Kids  Good Sites for Kids 
InstaGrok        InstaGrok
Keyboadr        Search Something 
Kid Info           Kid Info

KidRex              KidRex 
(Blocked at School)  
Super-Kids        Superkids
Thinkquest Library   ThinkQuest 
Wikipedia for Schools  
Wikipedia Schools
Xmarks         xmarks

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CyberSleuth Kids Cybersleuth Kids 
DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo 
EyePlorer Eyeplorer
Factbites FactBites 
Homework Spot Homework Spot
How Stuff Works How Stuff Works 
Search Cube
(Requires Chrome or Safari)

Grade 6 Plus         This list includes search engines that can also be used by teenagers and adults.  Back to Top

                            Users are recommended to ensure the 'Safe Search' option is turned on within each Search Engine.

Bing Bing  
Bubbl.Us Bubblus
Creative Commons Creative Commons
Crunchbase Crunchbase
Dog Pile DogPile 
Ergo Ergo 
eTools eTools 
Exalead Exalead 
Google Google 
Google: Search Education Google Search Education
Internet Archive Internet Archive
iSeek Education iSeekEducation
Jishka Jiskha
Kngine Kngine
Quintura Quintura
Qwika Qwika 
Random Facts Random Facts
RefSeek RefSeek
Spezify Spezify 
The Full Wiki Full Wiki 
Virtual LRC VirtualLRC
WikiWax Wikiwax 
WolframAlpha WolframAlpha
Yippy Yippy

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