A Maths Dictionary for Kids Maths Dictionary for Kids
AAAMath AAA Maths 
ABC: Count Us In ABC Count Us In 
ABC Splash: Arrays ABC Splash Arrays
A Plus Math A Plus Maths 
BBC Maths BBC Maths
Concentration Concentration
Coolmath4Kids Cool Math 4 Kids 
Create a Graph
Cyberchase CyberChaseGames 
Fun Brain Math Arcade Fun Brain Math Arcade
Fun for the Brain Fun for the Brain 
How Many under the Shell? How many under the shell
ICT Games - Maths ICT Games Maths
IXL Maths IXL Maths 
Kids Count Games for Math Education 
Kids Zone - Create a Graph Create a Graph 
Khan Academy
Requires Teacher Account
Khan Academy
Mathcats Math Cats 
Tesselation Town Tesselation Town
Math Playground Math Playground 
Maths is Fun Maths is Fun  
Maths Zone Maths Zone 
Measure Yourself Measure Yourself
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives NLOVM 
NRICH Mathematics to Play NRich  
Number Grids NumberGrids
NumberNut Number Nut
Okta's Rescue Oktas Rescue
Primary Games - Maths Primary Games Math 
Scooter Quest Scooter Quest
Shapes That Tesselate Shapes That Teselate
(NAPLAN Practise)
Teaching Tables Teaching Tables 
Teddy Numbers Teddy Numbers
Topmarks Maths Top Marks Maths 

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