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BBC: Natural Disasters BBC
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Australia: Current Fire locations BushfireCRC
CSIRO: Bushfires in Australia CSIRO
Clearly Explained: Bushfires ClearlyExplained
Wikipedia: Bushfires in Australia WikipediaBushfires

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Droughts for Kids DroughtforKids
Drought in Australia RomseyAustralia
Kidcyber: Drought KidcyberDrought

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Fact Monster: Earthquakes FactMonsterearthquakes

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Enchanted learning: Hurricane EnchantedlearningHurricane
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Learn about Hurricanes KidsKnowIt
Super Hurricanes and Typhoons
Tropical Twisters TropicalTwisters
Wright Stuff: Hurricanes and Tornadoes WrightStuffHurricanes

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USA Today: Tornadoes USATodayTornadoes

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Enchanted Learning: Tsunami EnchantedLearningTsunami
Fact Monster: Tsunami FactMonstertsunami
The Why ? Files: Tsunami TheWhyFilesTsunami
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Enchanted Learning: Volcano EnchantedlearningVolcano
Fact Monster: Volcanoes FactMonsterVolcanoes